Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Larry Sundy with 9 rods in front of him but one is not in the water.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Fishing Lake Lavon October 17, 2009

Fishing with me today was Lisa Curry, Mackie Daltin, Kathryn Carter, and her dad, Bobby Crutcher.

Our first fish of the day was 13.5 lb, Caught by Kathryn.  Any one not fishing now is missing an opportunity to catch some great fish before it gets real cold.  We had what could only be described as a fantastic day.  Maybe not in numbers, but in quality fish.  I think someone may be baiting the lake with cereal, because the fish were for sure feeling their Wheaties this morning.  We had a couple that were literally pulling the boat against the wind at times.

Our best fish of the day was a 28.5 lb caught on 20 lb test line.  This fish danced it's way around the boat from first pole position, over the other lines to the opposite back corner of the boat and began to drag the boat to the dam.  Lisa was able to to get the fish to the net after about a 20 minute fight.  The gentleman with the net is Bobby........That's GENTLEMAN with capital letters because he had set the hook and then passed the pole.  Kathryn, Bobby's daughter, boated another nice box fish while the rodeo was going on at the opposite corner of the boat.

Our worst heartbreak of the day was to have one break off on 30 lb test line.

My Grandsons got new PBs Today at Lake Lavon

Grandsons and I were only out there a short while on October 12, 2009.  Found some nice cutters in the cove at East Fork and struck out for the main lake.  Almost no wind...  just enough!  I didn't get a chance to fish...  too busy playing net man.

Hayden caught a 9.25 lb and Skyler caught an 18 lb!